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Planned Giving

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Planned Giving

Planned Gifts are arranged during your lifetime. The principal benefits go to The Salvation Army after your death or the death of your last named beneficiary. Planned gifts take many forms, all providing income for you and/or your heirs. They reduce income and estate taxes, relieve you and your heirs of complicated financial management responsibilities and help you to fulfill your personal charitable objectives.

Consider how one or more of these strategies may enable you to enhance your future financial well being while assuring a meaningful charitable gift as well. 

Salvation Army Planned Giving advisors are professionals with many years of experience in estate and gift planning, and who care about your goals. They will work with your attorney or accountant to explain the many gift opportunities available to you and the advantages of each. 


When you are choosing how to distribute your estate, after providing for the needs of your loved ones, you may choose one of several says to benefit causes you have enjoyed supporting during your lifetime.

You can make a charitable bequest of a dollar amount, a specific property, a percentage of your estate, or what is left after providing for your heirs.

Life Insurance

One of the simplest ways to make a significant gift in the future is to name The Salvation Army as beneficiary to receive all or a portion of the proceeds of a policy no longer needed for family protection.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Provides for a gift that returns an income. Incoe from a unitrust rises or falls with the value of the principal of the trust each year.

You determine the percentage of payout when the gift is made. Each year this percentage of the value of the principal is paid to you or others you select. When the value of the pincipal goes higher, more income is received.

Gift Annuity

When you arrange for a gift annuity, a specified amount of cash, appreciated securities, or other property is transferred to The Salvation Army. In exchange, you receive payments on a regular basis for the rest of your or a loved one's life.

The payment amount never changes. A portion of the money used to fund the annuity is automatically returned with each payment, which accounts for a portion of each give annuity payment being tax-free for a number of years.

Payments are reliable, backed by all of The Salvation Army's unencumbered assets.

Deferred Gift Annuity

A deferred gift annuity is similar to a gift annuity, except that payments begin on a future date that you specify. Make a gift now and take a charitable income tax deduction now. Defer payments to years when you will need more income. A part of each payment will be tax-free for a period of years.

Pooled Income Fund

Pooled income fund is a giving plan for people who want to receive, for life, an income that has the possibility for growth. This giving plan is especially suitable for those who choose not to give in the substantially larger amounts necessary to create separate trusts.

Your gift is combined with the gifts of others. They are invested together for the benefit of each contributor and for the future good of The Salvation Army.

Receive an income tax deduction when you give. At the death of each pooled fund participant, his or her units become available to The Salvation Army.

Memorial Giving

There may be no more meaningful way to honor a life than by a charitable gift with lasting meaning.

The Salvation Army uses buildings, equipment, scholarships, endowment funds and a multitude of services that have been made possible by gifts in memory of loved ones.

Real Estate Remainders

You can make a gifts of a house or a farm while retaining the use of the property for as long as you live. The satisfactions of giving and a charitable tax deduction are enjoyed now rather than later.

Because you have made a gift of the property by deed, it does not pass through your probate estate at death.

Retirement Accounts

Whether in a 401(k) or other traditional qualified retirement plan, such as an Individual Retirement Account, you may accumulate funds beyond your needs for comfortable support of yourself and loved ones.

In such a case, it may be very easy and convenient to make a gift of such accounts to perpetuate the work of The Salvation Army.

For more information about these or other Planned Giving options, please contact the Northwest Arkansas Area Command at 479-521-2151.



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