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Sponsorship is based on noble ideals, grounded in the highest kind of charity which is Love, and carried out with concern for the well-being and self worth of parents and children alike.
                  Love Makes a Difference!




As a couple, we currently sponsor a little girl named Alisson who lives in Ecuador. One summer, one of us participated in the Salvationist Service Corps and was sent to Ecuador, which is why we chose a child from Ecuador. Though we have never met Alisson, we feel a connection through The Salvation Army. We have only been sponsors for just over one year, but we have enjoyed this one year. When we look for greeting cards or other small items to send as gifts to her throughout the year, we spend quite a bit of time selecting those because we know that will be the little glimpse of us she gets to see. We want her to know that she is thought of and prayed for often, her and her family. Then, when we hear from her, we are filled with excitement and happiness to know she has thought of us. This past Christmas, we received a Christmas card from her. It was so special and is still posted on our refrigerator because she designed the card herself and drew a poinsettia on it, on her own. Now is the time where we will have to decide whether to maintain our sponsorship or not, but we can't imagine not nourishing our relationship with Alisson.

Matt& Gabriela


School for Children with AIDS, Congo

ChildrenThere is an HIV/AIDS coordinator at THQ, Major Edith Louzolo, who organizes seminars, trainings and visits to corps for education and prevention, volunteer testing for HIV and etc.A very important part of her work is to counsel families affected by AIDS as well as doing a lot of visitations.

In this country the anti-retroviral drugs are now provided free for those who are tested positive, but obviously this in itself does not solve all the problems. There is still a lot of taboo and stigmatization. People often find their way to Major Louzolo home to seek help and advice. Sometimes, for example, a widow and her children are abandoned by the family, with the consequent difficulties of surviving without any support; this is where Major Louzolo steps in. Another problem is that children on AIDS medication need healthy food and regular meals. To provide enough food for the family is a big problem in itself in this country where there is so much poverty. Many children come to school without having had breakfast. So from these AIDS-affected families our AIDS coordinator has a list of 22 children whom she helps regularly with school fees and food parcels as much as she is able.




imageOur mission

Our mission is to give individuals the opportunity to love an unfortunate child by sharing in their lives through sponsorship and to exhibit the love of Christ, so that both the giver and receiver come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

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Our Overseas Child Sponsorship program is currently supporting children residing in Salvation Army Children Homes and children who need the daily resources of our Salvation Army Children Centers. Our Salvation Army Children Homes and Centers provide a great deal of support to many children. Whether it is giving a child a warm meal or providing a child with a clean and safe place to sleep, our homes are there to assist in a time of need.

 What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is about changing the world one child at a time. It’s  about preventing illness by inoculation, good food and pure water. It’s about preparing young women and men for self-sufficiency by education and a positive self-image. It’s about supporting spiritual growth by assisting The Salvation Army in carrying out the mandate of Jesus when He said, “ Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”

 Why Sponsorship?

Assuming sponsorship of a child, or children, in one of The Salvation Army’s many children’s institutions overseas, could well be one of the most rewarding investments you will ever make. Imagine the thrill of saving the lives of youngsters suffering from malnutrition – youngsters facing a grim future without proper food and clothing or anyone who really cares. Sponsorship is a unique way of funding a development program. Each person who contributes by sponsoring a child helps accelerate the process of development not only in the life of a child but in their own lives as well.