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Social Services

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Comprehensive Services provided

Oct. 1, 2010 - Sept. 30, 2011

Total persons served 160,000

Total meals provided 144,960

Clothing provided  10,302

Grocery orders filled 25,164

Utility Assistance 3,043

Transportation provided 30,937

Christmas Assistance

Persons assisted 12,845

Gifts distributed 103,628

Emergency Lodge

Total nights sheltered 33,072

League of Mercy

People visited 4,327


Meals provided 5,202

Summer Camp

Total Youth & Adult campers 227

Total Days provided 486

Center for Worship & Service

Spiritual Development 8,383

Boys & Girls Club Activities

Physical Education, Recreational

and Educational attendance


Adult Rehabilitation

Drug & alcohol rehab participants 422


 How The Salvation Army is 

"Doing the Most Good"

 The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command offers a variety of services for citizens throughout the county. To access any of the services, please call 405-246-1060.

Services include:

* Food Assistance - The Salvation Army's Food Pantry provides bags of nonperishable food to families and seniors in need.

* Meals - Dinner is available to everyone and is served each evening at 5 p.m. at the Red Shield Kitchen, located at 330 SW 4th St.


* Emergency Shelter - Our men's and family lodges are open 365 days per year to provide a warm, safe place to sleep for people in crisis. Call the Men's Lodge at 405-246-1080 or The Family Lodge at 405-246-1133.

* Clothing Assistance - Any needy person can receive clothing assistance Monday through Friday during normal business hours. The Salvation Army Oklahoma City also has the "Warmth 4 Winter" program, in which The Salvation Army teams up with KFOR television on a coat drive to give to those in need.

* Utility Assistance - Qualified individuals in need receive financial assistance to help pay for heating fuel, electricity and water bills. With the help of OG&E, Oklahoma Natural Gas and PSO of Oklahoma, citizens can choose to add a dollar or two to their utility bill to help those less fortunate with their heating and cooling costs.

The Salvation Army also provides box fans in the summer to senior citizens, those with certain medical concerns and families with infants ages 6 months or younger.

* Christmas Assistance - Clients register with the Social Services Department beginning in October and November to determine eligibility to participate in our Christmas gift and food program. All registered children receive mesh stockings filled with small gifts and are registered to become "Angels" on the Angel Tree, located at Penn Square Mall. Senior Citizens are also eligible to receive Christmas gifts through the Angel Tree. For more information about registering your family for the Christmas Programs, contact Social Services at 405-246-1060.


 Warmth 4 Winter



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