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Women & Children's Shelter
Women and children seeking refuge from homelessness and stability in their lives come to our Women & Children's Shelter. The shelter is a safe and secure place to call home while they prepare to make the transition back into the community.

As a part of the program, women residing at the shelter must work, continue education or seek employment. Once employment is obtained, residents participate in a financial planning program that teaches important skills to help them become financially stable. They are required to deposit 75% of their earnings into a savings account. By saving a percentage of their earnings, the women can begin rebuilding their lives and eventually be financially independent again or possibly for the first time.

While residing at the shelter, the women attend Life Management Classes which include money management, good job interviewing skills, dressing for success and economic grocery shopping. Each month a new course is presented and every course helps achieve the ultimate goal of providing direction and encouragement while the women work to get back into the community. The women are also encouraged to attend GED classes or continue their education at a surrounding institution.

Working mothers or mothers seeking employment are provided no cost child care and after school care for their children. This enables mothers to maintain steady employment and continue education. Today, over 500 families are back in the community as a result of this program.
Women's & Children's Shelter
400 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32804
Men's Shelter
Men seeking shelter find a safe place to lay their head at night at The Salvation Army. The Men's Shelter is not just a place to rest but also a place that offers programs designed to meet the needs of men who are hungry, unemployed and in need of guidance in their lives.

Residents are provided the right to lead productive lives, free of alcohol and harmful drugs through a drug and alcohol-free environment. AA/NA Meetings are also offered on-site for those wanting continued support in maintaining wholesome living.

The men who stay at the shelter have the opportunity to participate in our program where they pay a nominal fee to stay at the facility. The first step after they decide to be a part of the program, is to obtain employment and maintain their jobs through the assistance of our program directors. Our ultimate goal is for each of the men to become self-sufficient and to re-enter the community with a better chance at being prepared for unfortunate circumstances. The men do have the option and are encouraged to attend GED Classes and pursue additional schooling or vocational training at a nearby educational institution.

In the Men's Shelter Dining Room, hundreds of individuals facing poverty on a daily basis receive a warm meal as a part of a non-residential feeding program. The number of people varies daily depending on the state of the economy, but usually it ranges between 250 ? 500 individuals needing a homemade meal.
Men's Shelter
624 Lexington Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32804


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