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Advisory Board

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Partners in Service

The Salvation Army is a global network of people meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of others. In over 100 countries The Salvation Army brings Christian love and hope through feeding, healing, counseling, teaching and evangelizing. Around the world and across our own country, The Salvation Army provides comprehensive community outreach programs for people of all ages and backgrounds, from addiction treatment centers and emergency shelters to child care centers to older adult residences.

How does The Salvation Army manage such diverse programs and facilities? Where do Salvation Army officers (clergy) gain the proficiency to raise sufficient funds, hire and train qualified staff, and purchase and maintain sophisticated buildings and equipment? A major source of our strength comes from members of Salvation Army advisory organizations.

Advisory organization members are concerned men and women who voluntarily use their professional skills and knowledge of the community to make a practical difference for their neighbors, strengthening The Salvation Army's ability to serve. With commitment to excellence they dedicate themselves to increasing public awareness of The Salvation Army's purpose and work; recruiting other volunteers and giving hands-on assistance for specific activities such as holiday dinners, hospital visitation and disaster relief. They provide advice and guidance in areas such as budgeting, overseeing large-scale capital campaigns, creating outreach services, public relations and fundraising, management and personnel development, and building improvement and maintenance. They also interpret local culture, trends and needs to assist the Army in developing new ministries or modifying existing programs. Their commitment to serving others unites them with like-minded professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. This makes advisory organization members vital partners in Salvation Army ministry.

Structures of service

Like Salvation Army programs, advisory organizations take various forms, each making a unique contribution. All share the common goal of bringing together service-minded citizens who lend their energy, enthusiasm and expertise to support and promote Salvation Army services.

Advisory Board: Influential community members organized to assist all Salvation Army programs and facilities within specific geographic boundaries, usually a city, metropolitan area or county. It is the parent body of other advisory organizations within that geographic area.

Advisory Council: Concerned individuals who give advice to a specific Salvation Army program or institution, such as an adult rehabilitation center, homeless shelter or social service center.

Current Advisory Board Officers:

Brian Colley - Chairman

Bert Ortiz - Vice-Chairman

David Robinson - Treasurer

Gene Colley - Secretary


Orlando Advisory Board Members

Dean Jennings 

Thomas Brownlee

Lorelie Johnson 

Ellen Brumback

Gary McCall   

George Clapham 

Craig Mateer

Brian Colley 

 Norbert Ortiz

 Gene Colley

Miguel Pagan 

 Thomas Core 

Danny Pressler 

Matthew Englett

Barry Rigby 

 Paul Flory 

David Robinson 

 Grant Garner

Gary Sain 

 Danny Gordon

Steve Rocca

Joseph Guernsey

 Bert Roper

Paul Hay

Gregory Ruse 

 Eric Holm 

 Desiree Sanchez

Eric Jackson 

 Robin Smythe



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