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Program Overview

The Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) is a six-month residential substance abuse program, which houses up to 104 mostly indigent men at no cost to them. They are provided with nutritious meals and clean housing in a stable environment. These men receive the benefit of group therapy, guidance and skilled spiritual counseling in a "work therapy" type program.

As part of their job training they learn trades such as furniture refinishing, appliance and computer repair, through the processing and repair of donated items, such as clothing, furniture, appliances and bric-a-brac. The renovated items are sold to the public through the Army's thrift stores, with the profits used to maintain the center and its programs. The ARC is the only department of The Salvation Army that is totally financially self-generating.

The demand for this service in our community is ever present. The ARC is the solution to the formerly destructive and life threatening behaviors of its residents. It continues daily to change lives by providing stability and normalcy where there was none.

Your local Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center is located at:
Adult Rehabilitation Center
3955 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32808

If you would like to arrange for a pick up of your donations or if you have any inquiries regarding the program, please call 407.295.9311.


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