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Orlando Women's Auxiliary Membership

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Women's Auxiliary: The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary is organized to promote the purposes of The Salvation Army in a local community. Its activities may include special fund raising through approved projects, furnishing volunteer workers, operations of canteens, distribution of food and clothing, staffing of emergency shelters, leadership in group work, visitation of hospital patients, and many other activities.

Orlando Auxiliary Members
Albachiaro, Julie Kamer, Lisa
Bauman, Jean Liz, Elizabeth
Bensinger, Karleen Lollar, Linda
Bergeron, Melissa Lott, Lindi
Birmingham, Thelma Lott, Reidi
Brisbin, Susan Marks, Sabrina
Bronw, Rita Mooney, Sonia
Brownlee, Lenora Niemeh, Laila
Capatch, Melia Pinto, Noemi
Castellano, Aida Polich, Michelle
Davidson, Natalie Risner, Janet
Day, Dewease Rubeis, Jody
Diaz, Miriam Schneider, Clara
Donlin, Kathleen Schultz, Kelly
Eickhoff, Nikki Shearman, Barbara
Gutekunst, Angela Smith, Rebecca
Hall, Maureen Smith, Ronita
Hallock, Jacqui Stephens, Toni
Holm, Daine Tenney, Sandy
Holm, Danielle Von Kamecke, Lisa
  Weart, Georgette
  Weiss, Cindy


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