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I am doing the most good. 
I am hope. 
I am compassion. 
I am strength. 
I am faith.

I am doing the most good.

I serve a community. 
A region. 
A nation. 
A world. 
I serve heroes. 
I serve victims. 
I serve a sovereign God.

I am doing the most good.

I am an Army. 
Drafted by the Creator. 
Commissioned by a man who defied death. 
My enemies are despair and destruction. 
My ammunition is grace and mercy. 
My allies are generosity and benevolence.

I am an Army. 
Helping others be all they can be. 
I am doing the most good.

I feed empty stomachs and hungry souls. 
I rebuild ruined homes and shattered lives. 
I am a willing listener for a veteran with stories to tell. 
I am a bottled water and an encouraging smile
-for a weary firefighter. 
I am an answered prayer. 
A silver lining. 
A second chance.

I am doing the most good. 
I am a humble steward of other people's generosity. 
I am a grateful courier of a stranger's kindness. 
I am the faithful executor of others' goodwill. 
I take responsibility seriously.

I am blessed. 
I am a blessing.

I am The Salvation Army. 
I am doing the most good.






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