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Youth Ministries

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The Youth Ministries

The Salavation Army Youth are an awesome and growing group here in Paducah. Our youth take part in much of what goes on in our Corps, and are always looking for new and fun things to do.

Our youth programs that we offer and have at our Corps are as follows:

Sunbeams for girls 1st-5th.

Girlguards for girls grades 6th-12th.

Adventure Corps for boys grades 1st - 8th. Adventure Corps is split into two ranks: Explorers 1st-5th grade and Rangers 6th-8th grade.

Along with those programs we have various activities amd fun times for all who come.

Junior Soldiers is a program for youth to becoming a Senior Soldier in The Salvation Army Corps. 

Corps Cadets is a program for youth who are/want to be apart of The Salvation Army, in the many aspects of youth programs, worship, church services, and eventually become a Soldier in The Salvation Army.

The youth of the Salvation Army have an opportunity to go to things such as youth rallys which are called Youth Councils and Camp as well. Our camp is called Camp Paradise Valley which is located in Burkesville, Ky. To see and learn more about Camp Paradise Valley click on this link:  CPV or call the commanding officer of your local Salvation Army.

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