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The Salvation Army Paducah Corps would like to extend an invitation to anyone and everyone who fits into our different areas of ministry.

Adult Ministry - Our Adult Ministry is for those 16 years old and up. But this is a more structured ministry that allows for high spiritual growth in bible study, worship, praise, and fellowship. Men's Club and Home League are two of our areas that incorporate all these areas.
Young Adult Ministry - Our Young Adult Ministry is for those 18 and up. This ministry is geared more for the fellowship aspect with bible study, praise, and worship as the smaller aspects. We have Young Adult Nights on Friday nightss as well as an all-inclusive FREE coffee shop on select Friday nights. The Cup of Life Coffee Shop operates on selected Young Adult Nights during the August - May months. We also have Sunday Evening Bible Studies through out the year.
Youth Ministry - Our youth ministry is comprised of all the elements. We have Youth ages 6-17 years old. We have Adventure Corps, Girl Guards, & Sunbeams. We have regular youth meetings during the school year. And camps through the summer months at our Camp Paradise Valley in Burkesville, Ky. We also have Youth Bible Studies on sunday nights through out the year.
Childrens Ministry - Our children are definitly the future, with that said we start as early as toddlers with our Nursery Classes and infants for the Cradle Role!

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