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Remembering 9-11

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9_11The Salvation Army Commemorates the 10th Anniversary of September 11th
Memorial Services and Ceremonies Nationwide Honor Those Lost During Attacks

(Alexandria, VA) September 11, 2011 - The Salvation Army will host a variety of events, including a support center for members of the 9/11 community in New York City during the 10th anniversary of September 11th. The Salvation Army will remember and honor the victims and heroes of the terrorist attacks and their loved ones through memorial services and events in New York City and Washington, DC, as well as in other cities across the country. Community members in these cities and others are invited to attend the ceremonies and 9/11 Day of Service activities with The Salvation Army. Events include memorial services, remembrance ceremonies, candlelight vigils, parades and food drives.

In partnership with the Mental Health Association of New York City, The Salvation Army will host a support center for members of the 9/11 community starting at 7:30am EST. 9/11 survivors, displaced residents, first responders and volunteers from all agencies, as well as families of victims not attending the World Trade Center ceremony are invited. The "Family Support Center" will feature live streaming of the national memorial service in a press-free environment. Refreshments will be served and supportive services, including child care, mental-health services and massage therapy will be available to all who attend.

"In New York City and across the country, today is about honoring the victims of the tragic terrorist attacks that impacted an entire nation ten years ago," said Major George Hood, National Community Relations Secretary for The Salvation Army. "Through a variety of partnerships, ceremonies and community activities across the country, The Salvation Army is welcoming the heroes, families and community members of 9/11 through its doors, to not only remember, but to look forward beyond the loss."

Events at the Centennial Memorial Temple in New York City will be open to the public and feature The Salvation Army New York Staff Band and guest speakers including Dr. Charles Stanley, senior pastor of the First Baptist Church Atlanta in Atlanta, GA, and founder and president of In Touch Ministries.

The Salvation Army in Washington, DC will host a Disaster Response Volunteer Training on September 10 in Fairfax, VA. The Army will also participate in the Mayor's "Tribute to Service - Honoring the Victims, Survivors, and Heroes of 9/11" at Freedom Plaza from 1- 4:00 pm. The memorial serves as an opportunity for members of the community to give back to their neighbors as they did following the attacks of 9/11 ten years ago.

"The American people have come a long way since September 11. People emerged from the tragedy a more unified nation more willing to help their neighbors in times of great need," said Major Hood. "On this National Day of Service, The Salvation Army will carry on that tradition and continue to help people who are less fortunate."

Salvation Army locations across the country will take part in various programs and events to commemorate the 10th anniversary. Other cities in which The Salvation Army will honor the memory of the victims, survivors and heroes of 9/11 include:

  • Albert Lea, MN: The Salvation Army will participate in events throughout the day and a remembrance ceremony at the Moose Lodge by the Legion Color Guard at 5:30pm CST.
  • Anchorage, AK: The Anchorage Salvation Army Corps is planning a service of remembrance on September 11 at 6:00pm AKDT. 
  • Denver, CO: Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Service (EDS) volunteers will march in the 9/11 remembrance parade in Denver with the local FEMA partners, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Mayor Michael B. Hancock.
  • Grand Rapids, MI: The Salvation Army will host a day-long remembrance in partnership with the Boy Scouts and other local, state and national organizations for a series of family events at the Gerald R. Ford museum and the Cathedral of Saint Andrew. 
  • Kenai, AK: The Kenai Ministerial Alliance is coordinating a moment of silence for all member churches at 11:10am AKDT.  The Salvation Army Corps Community Center in Kenai will show 9/11 videos before and after.
  • Los Angeles, CA: The Salvation Army will conduct a 9/11 Remembrance Service at the Corps Center in the afternoon and will host a Ceremony of Remembrance & Appreciation at Rose Hills Memorial Park, at 7pm PST.
  • Minneapolis, MN: The Salvation Army will participate in the "Mass of Thanksgiving & Remembrance" at the Cathedral of Saint Paul starting at 4:30pm CST, with a civic commemoration and Memorial Mass at 5:00pm CST.
  • Rochester, MN: Mayor Ardell Bredewill honor The Salvation Army with a special award for their services at 12pm CST.
  • Sacramento, CA: The Salvation Army will partner with The Fish (Christian Radio) and Fox 40 (affiliate) for a shoe drive to benefit clients of the Army's rehabilitation centers.
  • Salt Lake City, UT: The Salvation Army will host an appreciation event for neighborhood firefighters and police officers.
  • Santa Rosa, CA: The Santa Rosa Corps will host a Food Drive and Root Beer Float Social at the Oakmont retirement from noon to 3pm PST on 9/11.  The Army is also working with local churches on a one day food drive that day.
  • San Francisco, CA: The Salvation Army will participate in a morning prayer at Crissy Field in Golden Gate National Recreation Area, hosted by the San Francisco Interfaith Council at 5:47am PST, and a remembrance at Golden Gate Park with the San Francisco Interfaith Council and the San Francisco Opera at 1:30pm. The Opera will perform Mozart's Requiem, with readings of prayers and passages between each piece.
  • Wichita Falls, TX: The Salvation Army will dedicate its morning Holiness Meeting in honor of those who lost loved ones on 9/11. The service will include a candlelight vigil.

911Ten Years Later:
The Salvation Army's Response to The 9/11 Attacks

On September 11, 2001, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks on passenger airliners left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands more in need. The Salvation Army was closely involved with the recovery process for survivors in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington following the tragic events of 9/11. 

Arriving within a half-hour of the first plane hitting the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City, The Salvation Army was one of the first relief organizations to arrive on the scene at "Ground Zero" and provided extensive support for relief workers and volunteers. The Army continued to support recovery efforts throughout the months-long clean-up process. In the months and years that followed, The Salvation Army assisted thousands of people impacted by the September 11 attacks with practical assistance as well as spiritual and emotional care.

Major Activities:

  • The American public donated $90 million to The Salvation Army to respond to the 9/11 attacks.
    - The Salvation Army spent all $90 million on 9/11-related services.
    - The majority of the money was spent within the first year following the attacks.
    -Donations were primarily used for practical items and services including: food for rescue workers and volunteers, steel-toed boots, socks, eye drops, rest stations and other items related to the clean-up at Ground Zero.
    - Meals and relief services were also offered at the Pentagon and at the crash site of United Airlines Flight #93.
  • The Salvation Army continued to serve the immediate needs of those who were displaced following the attacks in a variety of ways, including rent and utility assistance, job placement and referrals for health care needs.
    - For instance, the Army worked directly with landlords, utility companies and other vendors in New York City to pay necessary bills for survivors, ensuring they were not evicted and that the lights and phone were kept on.
    - The Salvation Army allocated resources toward long-term assistance programs, including an extensive $4 million crisis counseling program for those impacted by the tragedy which served nearly 6,000 people.
    - At its peak, the Army was working with 1,400 open cases at any given time.
    - The program remained active until January 1, 2007.
  • In total, the Greater New York Division of The Salvation Army served more than 59,000 people through 9/11-related, long-term assistance programs.  Services provided by The Salvation Army's World Trade Center Recovery Program included:

    - Clothing and Food Assistance
    - Crisis Counseling and Group Therapy
    - Child Care
    - Employment Training and Placement
    - FEMA Filing Assistance
    - Final Expenses - Funeral/Burial
    - Financial Assistance and Counseling
    - Healthcare Referral Assistance
    - Housing and Utilities Assistance
    - Homelessness Services (Homeward Bound and other programs)
    - Immigration Assistance
    - Legal Assistance
    - Public Benefits Assistance
    - Small Business Services
    - Spiritual Counseling
    - Substance Abuse Counseling
    - Transportation Assistance


  • In response to the simultaneous attack at the Pentagon, The National Capital and Virginia Division of The Salvation Army:
    - Provided aid and comfort to relief workers and survivors at the Pentagon site, serving meals and drinks while offering spiritual counseling and support.
    - Assisted more than 17,000 survivors and their families with direct social service aid, allocating in excess of $7 million.

  • Following the crash of United Flight #93 outside Shanksville, PA, The Western Pennsylvania Division of The Salvation Army responded to the needs of relief workers and victims' families at the crash site by:
    - Serving nearly 20,000 meals
    - Performing 5 worship services
    - Providing a total of 13,000 volunteer hours

  • Because The Salvation Army already provides all of these services 365 days a year throughout the country, it had a ready and willing pool of social workers and counselors available to assist with the needs of the community in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.


Compassion Under Fire:

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