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2012 Annual Fund

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Nolan_CaptainAnnual Fund 2012: Together, We Can Provide a Hand-Up to Those in Need!

"This year is off to a great start, now I can volunteer my time to help others", remarked Nolan, a man who was provided with a life-altering "hand-up" through your gifts to The Salvation Army.  That "hand-up" is exactly what The Salvation Army of Central Virginia is committed to. Thanks to your generosity, we will be implementing new programs in 2012 that address the evolving needs in central Virginia. 

A significant 22% of the homeless population is currently employed.  Half of them work full-time. Yet, the minimum wage may not provide the sufficient means to sustain these workers and their families.  The Step-Up Program is designed to assure formal training and education for women who seek our assistance through the Emergency Shelter.  The curriculum is designed to provide those women who are struggling members of the workforce with the skills necessary to secure and maintain gainful employment, advance in their careers and earn a livable wage.

In the Church Hill neighborhood where The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club is located, 38% of the residents live below the poverty line and 50% of adults are unemployed.  More than 50% of teens do not graduate from high school.  Without a diploma, these youth will be unable to participate in the job market and maintain a reasonable level of productivity and yield.  Some could find themselves living in poverty or succumbing to a life of crime.  The Youth Leadership Academy will ensure a greater emphasis on high school assistance, post secondary educational planning and skill development in public speaking, interview preparation, successful writing, volunteer service, mentoring and networking. Fully engaged youth who complete the curriculum will show measureable success in college and employment.  

Finally, Moving Forward will more effectively serve those who participate in our Christmas Assistance programs, The Salvation Army will require that parents partake in budgeting and/or English as a Second Language (ESL) learning courses as a condition of applying for assistance again during the following holiday season.  This will serve to assist families in vastly improving their financial situations by giving them a sound foundation of knowledge regarding individual income and expenses and measures that can be implemented to improve their current financial circumstances.

Each new program possesses a common theme... education.  Education represents a primary core value of The Salvation Army, where Doing The Most Good equates to providing a warm "hand-up" instead of an idle "hand-out." 

I am hopeful you will consider contributing to our Annual Fund 2012, which will ensure that these initiatives are funded and sustained throughout the year.  With your support, we can help to effect positive change for those who need us the very most and the communities where we live, work and belong. 

If you would like to contribute, you can do so online here, or by calling (804) 591-3816.

Please feel free to read more about Nolan here.


David Worthy, Captain
Area Commander


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