Alvin Cole - 2012 Youth of the Year

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AlvinAlvin Cole is a striking young man in his military academy uniform. With impeccable posture and confident eye-contact, he appears much older than his 16 years. His life, however, could be very different without the safe-haven provided at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club.

"The Boys & Girls Club means a lot to me because it keeps me off the streets and away from all of the bad things that happen out there."

Despite difficulties at home, Alvin found mentors at The Boys & Girls Club.

"The staff has been keeping me out of trouble for all these years."

Alvin was awarded the title of Youth of the Year for The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club in Church Hill. Alvin's leadership abilities, maturity and desire to help others have made him an asset to his peers.

"For the past three years I have been helping the little ones with their homework, they have really taught me how to be patient."

Already enrolled in Franklin Military Academy, Alvin has high ambitions.

"My goal is to be a Drill Sergeant because it is a challenge; you have to be the best."

As the local Youth of the Year, Alvin will go on to compete for the state title.

"I appreciate the staff here giving me the chance to be Youth of the Year."

Alvin is also appreciated; the staff knows the impact he has as a role-model for the younger generations.

If you would like to contribute to The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, so that we can continue providing individuals like Alvin a safe place to grow, you can do so online here, or by calling (804) 591-3816.


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