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Client Testimonials

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clientMartha Lee is a caring mother and wife, and until recently, Martha was also a full-time Customer Service Supervisor for a local company.

"I have always thought of myself as a good employee, I have been working full-time since I was 16."

Martha was devastated when she was told that she would have to take time off from work for emergency surgery.  During her recovery she began working from home, and one day, without warning, Martha found that she was locked out of the computer system. The company she had been loyal to for so many years had laid her off, forced to downsize in these difficult economic times.

Her husband soon became a victim of the recession and was laid off as well.

The Lees' struggled to make ends meet, working odd jobs whenever possible; yet the day came when they couldn't pay the mortgage on their family home, the house where they had raised their children. With nowhere else to turn, she called The Salvation Army in Petersburg.

When her call was quickly returned, Martha "felt like God was really working for me." "As someone who had worked my whole life, I had to swallow my pride to ask for help. They told me that is why The Salvation Army is here and helped me to not feel ashamed."

Martha and her husband were provided with funding to keep their home through the Rental and Mortgage Assistance Program.

This Thanksgiving Season, Martha is grateful for her home and for the help of The Salvation Army, made possible by donors like you.

"I have recently had two interviews with Fort Lee and since receiving assistance, I have had a better outlook on life, I keep thinking positive things and I know the future will be positive, I know God opens doors. "


clientWhen John Tanner left his home yesterday he wasn't heading to a shelter or the streets, he was going to the first day of his new job.

John was laid off in late July from his position at a restaurant. Business was slow and fewer people were needed in the kitchen.

His wife Kimberly, unable to work due to a long-term disability, was forced to pawn their belongings just to put food on the table for their four young children. Soon enough the money ran out, and the Tanners' landlord told them their time was up; they had to go if they didn't have the rent within a week.

Kimberly turned to The Salvation Army and was referred to caseworker Lorraine   Edwards. When Lorraine informed Kimberly that there was no funding left for Rental and Mortgage assistance this month Kimberly felt disheartened and wondered what would become of their family. 

It was a late Sunday evening when the phone rang at the Tanner home. It was  Salvation Army case mananer Lorainne. She had called because she couldn't get the family out of her mind and during her personal time on the weekend had reallocated funds in order to help the family pay their rent.

"When Lorraine called it lifted a huge burden off our backs. Our Landlord was ready to kick us out and we had nowhere to go, nowhere for our kids to live."

Since that burden was lifted John could continue his search for a steady job.

Two days later their prayers were fully answered when John secured full-time employment with a local landscaping company.

During this Thanksgiving season the Tanner's are thankful to The Salvation Army donors,

"If they were on the other side they would know how much their generosity means, what a difference it makes to a family like ours." 


You financial support will allow The Salvation Army to keep families in their homes this Thanksgiving...and will ensure that countless families are truly HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

You can give online here, or by calling (804) 591-3816.




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