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Volunteer with Disaster Services

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Volunteering for disaster is both, rewarding and an investment. The reward is knowing that the investment of your time, care, and energy, has made a difference. When you volunteer, your presence brings hope to the effected. Your care displays compassion to those in grief and the energy you share brings courage to the weakened.

The fact is, that when disasters of any kind strike it will impact lives. It is up to us who are on the outside of the grim situation to bring forth this hope, compassion, and courage in. The Salvation Army depends on people like you who desire to make a difference. Let us make a difference together. Come and join our disaster team!

Frequently asked Questions:

What can I expect as a volunteer?

Disaster deployments are for 14 days, which includes 12 full working days and approximately 2 travel days. Operational needs normally include, but are not limited to canteens (mobile feeding units), fixed-feeding facilities, emotional and spiritual care, distribution centers, disaster assistance centers, warehousing, and finance and administration.

Travel, lodging and meal costs are provided by The Salvation Army for approved volunteers able to deploy for the entire 2 week period. Volunteers typically live in temporary lodging which may be as rudimentary as tented-housing, or could be hotel lodging with shared, double-occupancy rooms.


Do not travel to the disaster site on your own, without being deployed by a local Salvation Army Volunteer Coordinator. There is limited food, water and lodging in the area, and we cannot guarantee that we will have any of those provisions for you. Contact us to receive proper approval for deployment and disaster worker registration.

How do I become a volunteer?

ON-LINE Disaster Services Volunteer Registration

Step 1.  Print, fill out, and mail in Disaster Worker Registration Forms

Step 2.  Complete the required training courses. After completion of the required training you will receive a Salvation Army approved photo identification badge

Step 3.  Get prepared!  (Click here for tips on deployment and emergency preparedness)

What are the requirements?

In the event of a local or national disaster, The Salvation Army sends pre-trained, pre-approved volunteers to a disaster. It is a requirement that all disaster workers have The Salvation Army approved identification on a disaster site. To obtain this identification it is a pre-requisite that all disaster workers complete the basic level "Disaster Training" course "Introduction to The Salvation Army Disaster Services" and "Intro to Disaster Food Service handling and Delivery".


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