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Family Services Program Locations:
2 West Grace Street
Richmond, VA
(804) 225-7470

1228 South West Street
Petersburg, VA
(804) 732-8449

222 South Main Street
Hopewell, VA
(804) 452-0232

The Salvation Army's Family Services program strives to break the cycle of homelessness by providing assistance to help families stay in their homes. 

The program helps families by:

  • Assisting clients through direct financial support;
  • Assisting clients by providing food and clothing;
  • Assisting clients by helping with utility bills;
  • Assisting clients in obtaining referrals.

The Salvation Army's Family Services program reaches out to those in need and strives to serve those who otherwise may fall through the social services cracks or may not be eligible for services from the public sector. 

Material assistance is short-term, emergency assistance. The Salvation Army may provide food, housing, clothing, transportation and rent/mortgage or utility assistance.

The Salvation Army provides counseling to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of people seeking help. Each case plan involves counseling to find solutions to the problems faced by the clients in order to help them learn to plan ahead and prevent future emergency situations. This helps improve client functioning in every day life.

All Clients Must Meet General Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Clients must provide some form of picture I.D.
  • Clients must reside in the geographic area served.
  • Clients must verify their need for assistance.
  • Clients must have verification of household income and that the income will be sufficient to meet the next month's expenses as well as a verification of bills paid for past months.


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