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Richmond Citadel Corps

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Richmond Citadel Corps

citadelThe Richmond Citadel Corps serves as the ministry's church, location for spiritual guidance and outreach to those in need. It is not only a center for worship and service, but also provides many community outreach activities.

In addition to worship services and Bible study groups, the Corps offers a Sunday school program, a music ministry, senior programs, a summer day camp, youth activities and volunteer outreach for both men and women. The music ministry includes a brass band comprised of members of the Corps. The band performs at community functions and teaches beginning and intermediate Brass Band classes.

To help build strong character and nurture Christian faith in youth, the Corps hosts weekly scouting programs for boys and girls. These groups are the Sunbeams for elementary school girls, Girl Guards for older girls and the Adventure Corps for boys. There are also opportunities for children and adolescents to learn music education on brass instruments or in chorus, as well as express themselves in a fine arts program. Adults can participate in men's and women's fellowship groups, the League of Mercy and a variety of other volunteer opportunities.

For more information, please contact Captain Shawana Brown at (804) 433-1684.

The Salvation Army
Richmond Citadel Corps
5327 Orcutt Lane
Richmond, VA 23224
(804) 745-5524


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