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singMusic in The Salvation Army

Music has always been an important part of Sunday services and provides accompaniment for singing and also for other parts of the service such as prayer time and meditation.

Each summer there are music camps which young people from The Salvation Army are invited to attend. It is here that the children go for a four-week intensive course where they learn more about their musical instruments but also where they learn the theories of music and also the worship sides of music in The Salvation Army.

The children also learn more about the bible and their relationship with God, but they also go to have a lot of fun and to meet new musicians and new friends. Every month the children also get to participate in Music activities at camp where they are part of a brass band.


What Music programs are available?

Music is an exciting program for The Salvation Army in Central Virginia, and at the Richmond Citadel Corps and Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, we now offer free music lessons.

Music Programs include:

Brass lessons
Brass Band and Brass instruments are the prime source of music in The Salvation Army. Individual and group tuition is offered on the following brass instruments: Cornet, Alto horn, Euphonium, Baritone, Trombone and Tuba.

Keyboard lessons
The Richmond Citadel Corps has a brand new state of the art Keyboard lab, with brand new keyboards. Each Pupil has their own keyboard and headphones and tuition is offered by the teacher listening through headphones at the front of the class and also at the keyboard. Each class is taught in groups of four. 

Guitar lessons
Guitar lessons are taught in groups of four. Brand new fender acoustic guitars are lent to the students for the class. Students learn how to read notes and also how to play chords. They are taught by the teacher using their own guitar and accompaniment is used via loud speakers where the students get to play along with tracks set to the chords in their books.

Drum Lessons
Drum lessons are taught in a brand new drum studio at the corps and a state of the art drum kit. The student receives lessons from the teacher and learns how to play easy rhythmic styles and to read rhythms and music. The student is surrounded by speakers and can play along to selected tracks, making this as real an experience as possible. 

As well as music lessons, the Richmond Citadel Corps has various music ensembles which provide music for worship on Sunday mornings and also for the experience of playing with other musicians.

These ensembles include: 

Senior Brass Band
A band made up of brass instruments which provide music in the Sunday service. All members rehearse each week and music includes hymns, small ensemble music and marches.

Junior Brass Band
A band made up of brass instruments for children ages 6 to 18. This band is for children who are at beginner and intermediate level and prepares them to play at a higher level and also gives them the chance to play with other young musicians.

Praise Band
A band made up of Guitars, keyboard and drums, with vocals. This band plays in the Sunday service and the music is primarily contemporary praise music.

For more information on music programs or other youth activities please contact:

Music Programs
Matt Sims
Office: 804-433-1686
Cell: 804-305-0247

Youth Programs
Captain Shawana Brown
Office: 804-433-1684





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