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Adult Rehabilitation Center and Family Stores

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Salvation Army Family Stores

By donating to and shopping at The Salvation Army Family Stores, you are making the difference in lives of many...


The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC)
2601 Hermitage Road
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 359-0269

Click for map: 2601 Hermitage Road, Richmond

arcAbout the ARC:

The Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) houses up to 81 men recovering from substance abuse or working to overcome a treatable handicap. The men are provided with structured work-therapy, counseling, 12-step programs and spiritual recovery opportunities.

Rehabilitation and Regeneration of the Spirit:

The rehabilitation program is highly structured, men must commit to the program for a minimum of six months. During this period, they must live and work with The Salvation Army, contributing to their own rehabilitation through a variety of daily assignments.


The ARC is funded entirely from the proceeds from The Salvation Army Family Stores. Donations of used clothing, furniture and household items are received, sorted, refurbished, priced and distributed to the thrift stores by the men in the program. The proceeds from the sale of these items are used exclusively to fund the ARC program, shelter and counseling services. The Salvation Army also collects and auctions donated automobiles to support this program.

How To Help:

Donations can be accepted at any of the family stores, at the ARC on Hermitage Road, or through a household pickup. To schedule a pick-up in the Central Virginia area, call 804-359-0269.


Family Store Locations:
Maps provided courtesy of

Click for map: 11000 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond
This is the newest Family Store location - opened May 9th!!

Click for map: 2601 Hermitage Road, Richmond

Click for map: 3807 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Richmond

Click for map: 3229 S. Crater Road, Petersburg


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