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Thanksgiving - Help, Hope & Healing

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Your Support Allows Us to Help Your Neighbors in Need Remain HOMEbound, not HOMEless This Thanksgiving!!

Every family DESERVES to be "HOME" for the Holidays!!

"When The Salvation Army called, it lifted a huge burden off our backs.  Our Landlord was ready to kick us out and we had nowhere to go, nowhere for our kids to live."  Because of you, Kim's family was able to remain in their home.  She wants donors to know "how much their generosity means and the difference it makes to a family like ours." 

As the holiday season draws near, The Salvation Army in Central Virginia is preparing to provide assistance for those who have fallen on hard times during these festive days.  As I think about this glorious time of the year, one of the things that resonates with me the most is how dear home is. I recall with great fondness gathering with family members to enjoy a great meal and wonderful fellowship together.  It is likely that you also have precious memories like these. 

For most of us, the holidays overflow with joy, anticipation and delight.  However, for many, the holiday season is filled with uncertainty.  Sadly, many families are struggling to simply keep their home. The region's unemployment rate was 7% in July with some local areas over 12%.  Nearly a third of all houses sold in the Richmond area in the second quarter was in foreclosure or repossessed by lenders.  In that same time period, nearly 25% of all homeowners owed more than their house was worth.

During the days leading up to Thanksgiving, our programs and services expand to help our neighbors, particularly as it relates to assisting needy families with maintaining a permanent residence.  This challenge impacts not only low-income groups, but the middle class as well.  Over the past few years, the face of the average individual reaching out to The Salvation Army for assistance has changed.  Where once, the vast majority of people were coming to us because they had no home, today, we are experiencing an increase in the number of people seeking our help to keep their home.  These families are only a few steps away from becoming homeless.  A father has become unemployed; a mother's work hours have been cut; a landlord struggling to maintain solvency can't seem to make exceptions - the rent is due, it must be submitted, do so or leave.  These families and individuals abound and it is our hope to provide resources to meet their immediate needs first, but more importantly, empower them to move forward so they may carry themselves through what can be days of true Thanksgiving.

This kind of intentional solution works.  Last year, you helped us provide rent and mortgage assistance to more than 200 families with nearly 600 men, women and children.  Through that specific case management, we know that a minimum of 45% (or 90 families) remained in their homes and met their obligations on their own after our primary interventionPlease see the moving stories.

The simple objective of our THANKSGIVING FUND DRIVE is to enable these neighbors in our community to remain homebound, not homelessWould you be kind enough to join us in this endeavor?  Your gift will make an indelible impact upon the lives of individuals and families who turn to The Salvation Army for help, hope and healing with their home this Thanksgiving.

Friends, during this season, we are honored to give thanks for our partnership with you.  If you would like to contribute, you can do so online here, or by calling (804) 591-3816.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Captain David Worthy
Area Commander




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