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Hunger Knows No Season

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Hunger Knows No Season!! 

"The Salvation Army is Christianity with its sleeves rolled up!"

That was poet Nicholas Vachel Lindsay's way of recognizing your philanthropy and how it helps this ministry create substantial positive change by providing solutions to the most relevant issues facing our surrounding communities.

Very simply, things get better because you care.

Statistics on American hunger are telling!!  

In Virginia, 219,000 kids are considered "food insecure" and at risk of going hungry.

Last year, The Salvation Army in Central Virginia provided 93,749 meals to families and individuals in the Greater Richmond area, a 19% increase over the previous year.

In addition, The Salvation Army's Food Pantry provided 2,725 food bags to individuals and families to provide nourishment as they struggle to make ends meet.

Right here in our local neighborhoods, more than 31,000 children, 151,000 adults and 27,000 seniors are experiencing challenges in having their most basic food-related needs met. 

Clearly, the need for hunger relief is great!!

Every day, The Salvation Army strives to get nutritious, life-sustaining food to the right people when they need it most. 

They are:

  • Children who live in poverty or who are victims of disasters. Poverty and food insecurity negatively influence the diet and health of many low-income children.
  • Adults who are disabled, homeless, unemployed, mentally ill or considered "working poor."
  • Elderly people struggling to survive on limited incomes.

Your Gift to The Salvation Army Will Help Prevent a Family from Going Hungry AND Ensure People Realize Their Potential!!

child"It may seem simple, but in my situation at this point in time, it means a lot to be able to provide food for my children. The Salvation Army's Food Pantry has helped add stability to that responsibility. I have two very bright kids and it is important to have this basic staple taken care of so they will continue to concentrate on their education." Sherrie's interaction with the Food Pantry has allowed her to enthusiastically pursue other personal goals like an education in Medical Assistance through Fortis College. "I am fortunate The Salvation Army is conveniently located." Her comments reflect the compassion The Salvation Army shows when working with people who need help. She hopes to soon share the same grace as an Aid or Supervisor working in a Nursing Home. "I grew up in a neighborhood where help of any kind was hard to come by. It appeared as though everyone was for themselves only." For many individuals, it is refreshing to work with an organization where people really care, won't judge, who understand and accept a person's current situation and are willing to help resolve it. "I want to thank the people who support the Food Pantry. You are doing so much to relieve the stress on Moms and Dads who over a short period of time, need help to feed their children."

femaleShelly lives in our local neighborhood and at difficult times in her life the Food Pantry has been a blessing. "On behalf of my two sons, please know how grateful we are. When I have needed to access this service, my experience has been particularly positive. The Salvation Army case workers don't just provide the food; they provide me with dignity and respect. Thank you and keep up the good work."

As a Case Worker for Associated Behavioral Outcomes and Developmental Experts of VA (VABODE) , Gloria appreciates the value of  providing clients with reliable basic nutrition in order to ensure the effectiveness of that organization's support services; values, interventions and prevention programs; and outpatient counseling. "The collaborative spirit cultivated through The Salvation Army has made possible a dependable food source for the men and women we work with." That basic essential is imperative as those individuals expend considerable positive energy working through challenging mental health conditions. "By being with people and their families when they need us most throughout the healing process, we can help them move toward independence."  VABODE works in tandem with The Salvation Army, each organization providing necessary nourishment, through the Food Pantry, counseling and behavioral health services. Together, we have been able to offer comprehensive intervention to many people.



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