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Christmas - Providing Hope to the Hopeless

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On October 10th at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, hundreds of families gathered together to begin the process of applying for assistance through our 2011 holiday cheer program. Over the course of the following four weeks, thousands more applied for holiday assistance as well. As I perused those lines, it was amazing to see such vast numbers of people in such dire need, people like Tamara. The thought of queuing up in a line and waiting for hours to see a case manager is foreign to most of us. However, the mere fact that families and individuals in need are willing to do so is a testimony to the fact that these needs continue to exist in seemingly endless numbers. 

As the Christmas season approaches, we're reminded of the wonderful hope that is ours through Jesus - the Savior of the world! Without the marvelous gift of God's Son, there would be no real hope. The very essence of the assistance that The Salvation Army provides for those in need during the holidays is hope in its most basic form.  When mothers and fathers are unable to provide for their children, for them, there is no hope.  When seniors are left alone to fend for themselves, for them, hope remains lost.  Amidst the joyous spirit that abounds during the holiday season, exists the reality that more than any other time of the year, the provision of these services during these days is about providing hope to those who are filled with such hopelessness.

Within the next few weeks, over 10,000 individuals will file through the doors of our Christmas Center to receive gifts, toys and clothing that will make this Christmas one to remember.

Unemployment continues to hamper the ability of many of those we serve from securing steady gainful employment and families are struggling to remain current with their rent, mortgage and utility payments. These truths only make the holiday season more difficult for families in need.

Jesus came to provide hope and healing to needy souls - he came for you... for me... for all of mankind.  The Salvation Army's mission is based upon providing hope and healing as the name of Jesus Christ. So, as we celebrate that wonderful, world-changing, life-altering gift, I hope that you might partner with us again to help scores of needy people in our community. 

Together, we provide hope for today.........and for tomorrow.

If you would like to contribute, you can do so online here, or by calling (804) 591-3816.

Thanks kindly and MERRY CHRISTMAS!                                                         





Captain David Worthy
Area Commander


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