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Services Provided

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Service List:

Services provided by The Salvation Army for disaster relief vary depending on the nature of the situation. The Services at the Richmond Area Command that are commonly rendered include:

  • Hot meals for victims and relief personnel.
  • Crisis counseling and emotional support for individuals and families.
  • Chaplain services, which involve spiritual counsel for survivors and comfort for the bereaved, including funeral/memorial services.
  • Housing, meals and support services for volunteers.
  • Volunteer Management
  • Direct financial grants for immediate needs. (Upon availability)
  • Collection and distribution of water, non-perishable foods, furniture and bedding, housekeeping supplies, building materials, health and sanitary items, baby and child care products, medicines and other basic necessities.

However, The Salvation Army across the state and the Southern Territory has resources to provide services that extend beyond our capacity. We are able to access these resources at any time should the situation demand it.



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