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Youth Programs

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Youth Programs at the Richmond Center for Worship & Service

The Salvation Army youth programs include a variety of activities for children ages 6-18. 

Adventure Corps, Sunbeams and Girl Guards are badge-based, character building programs which provide a holistic Christian education experience.

Gospel Arts teach children how to participate in worship through a variety of methods such as drama and timbrels.

Music programs offer lessons for brass instruments, piano, percussion and guitar.  Youth also minister in a worship praise band.

adventure corpsThe Salvation Army Adventure Corps

- for boys in grades 1-8; Explorers are grades 1-4 while Rangers are grades 5-8.

Adventure Corps focuses on Christ-centered character building using badge work as a tool. The boys enrolled in the program work hard on emblems such as hiking, camping, carpentry, career work, theater arts, sports, archery and much more.

I promise to explore God's Word and God's world to find ways to serve him and help others; to develop and guard good habits so that I will grow as God desires; and to adventure into the world with the "good news" of Jesus Christ.

girlThe Salvation Army Sunbeams & Girl Guards

- Sunbeams is for girls in grades 1-5; Girl Guards is for girls in grades 6-12.

Sunbeams is a fun-filled program that helps girls develop socially, mentally and spiritually. From learning to help at home to assisting others in the community and respecting nature; Sunbeams teaches young girls how they can make a difference in the world around them.

Sunbeam Pledge:
I promise that I will try / to love God / to be obedient / to be loving and kind to all / and be true to the Sunbeam Declaration.

Girl Guards has a four-fold emphasis addressing girls' spiritual, physical, mental and social needs. Skill-development, personal growth and community service opportunities expand as girls learn to work together and independently in various environments. They are also encouraged to think seriously about career and life-style choices as they move into adulthood, based on what they've learned as a Girl Guard.

Goals of Adventure Corps, Sunbeams and Girl Guards

Help children to develop; social & communication skills, decision making & life skills, character and leadership; through a biblical worldview by encouraging a sense of personal identity and character, Christian values and Biblical principles; physical, mental, spiritual & social development in a balanced environment for learning, developing and caring that is age appropriate and Christ centered.

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The Salvation Army youth programs meet each Monday evening from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. with the following schedule:

       5:00     Light dinner

       5:30     Sunbeams, Girl Guards and Adventure Corps

       6:15     Gospel Arts

If your family needs help with transportation, call the church office at (804) 745-5524.

Year-round programs

Children have the opportunity to participate in summer camping programs.  These programs are extensions of the programs we provide here in Richmond, held at our sleep-over camp; Campy Happyland; near Fredericksburg, VA. 

Camping opportunities are available to girls and boys active in The Salvation Army's programs.





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