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Local San Angelo volunteers stationed in McAllen, TX serving the victims of Hurricane Dolly



 The Salvation Army of Texas is continuing their dedicated recovery efforts to victims and first responders of Hurricane Dolly, despite a lack of electricity.

 The Salvation Army has kept the doors open to its shelter in McAllen, TX, despite losing power around 11:30 p.m. The shelter hosted 188 people on Wednesday night. In Addition to serving those staying in the McAllen Salvation Army shelter, mobile feeding units responded to the public's cry for help, serving over 2,000 meals to people in shelters across Hidalgo County.

 Major Dan Ford, Incident Commander for The Salvation Army recovery efforts said, "We've been impressed with the cooperation of those we are helping, their patience and understanding of our limitations and the appreciation they have expressed for our services to the community."

 The Salvation Army will continue to provide services until the need subsides.

 Additional Salvation Army Services and information is as follows:

 12 Canteens from across Texas are currently serving victims of Dolly.


  • Ø 2 Canteens (McAllen and Austin) have been sent to South Padre. 
  • Ø 3 Canteens have been sent to Harlingen and are serving at The Salvation Army Corps, the school administration building and at Harlingen Public High School. 
  • Ø 2 Canteens (Corpus Christi and Fort Worth) have been sent to Weslaco and are stationed at the Strike Force Deployment Center at HEB's distribution center. A 3rd Canteen (from Abilene) is stationed at DPS in Weslaco. 
  • Ø Additional canteens are stocked and ready to support strike teams as they establish P.O.D. (point of distribution) sites in hardest hit areas. The P.O.D. sites will be set up with ice and water. The Salvation Army will be serving meals to first responders and victims of Dolly in those areas.  
  • Ø Currently one P.O.D. site has been established at Schlitterbahn. 2 Canteens (from McAllen and Austin), are at the site serving as needed. 
  • Ø 2 Canteens (Conroe and San Angelo) are stationed at The Salvation Army shelter in McAllen.  
  • Ø Currently 2 Canteens (Waco and Houston) are on standby to go with the next strike team to new P.O.D. sites. As additional P.O.D. sites are established, The Salvation Army will send canteens to those areas and will be serving 3 meals per day at those locations.

  Additional Information 

  • Ø 210,000 homes are without power in the wake of Dolly. 
  • Ø 10,000 heater meals are on the way to The Salvation Army from the SOC (State Operations Center) in Austin, TX, Thursday afternoon. 
  • Ø 650 fed at PSJA High school in Pharr, TX, despite 60 mph winds across Hidalgo County. 
  • Ø The Salvation Army in Port Isabel is serving meals to 70 being sheltered locally. 
  • Ø The Salvation Army will be in desperate need of volunteers once the power comes back on in McAllen. 
  • Ø The Salvation Army will need a warehouse to use as a staging site for supplies and donations from and to the community.  
  • Ø The Salvation Army is expecting to serve dinner to 2,400 people at a minimum Thursday night. 
  • Ø Wal-Mart and HEB have responded to the desperate need for food, and will be donating non-perishable goods as needed.




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