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For most, homelessness is only a "temporary crisis - not a permanent lifestyle choice." The face of homelessness is changing.  It is no longer relegated to the stereotypical middle-aged male that has abused his body with alchohol for years standing on the side of the road. Statewide 68% of the homeless have never been homeless before.  It is estimated that 46% of the homeless are families. People become homeless due to a variety of circumstances such as family crises, job loss, financial crisis, accidents, major illness or even natural disaster.  The lack of affordable housing within our community only serves to complicate this issue.

The Center of Hope, in addition to the daily meals and emergency shelter, also provides programs for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, transitional living programs, transitional housing for families, emergency financial assistance services, life skill classes and support programs.  (See "Services" for complete details on these programs.)

Individuals are provided up to ten nights in the emergency shelter at no charge. During that time they are able to work with case managers to address the specific needs that put them in crisis.  The case managers will assist them with their efforts to become self-sufficient again.  In some cases, clients opt not to take advantage of the programs and counseling assistance.  After the 10 free nights, if they decide to return to the center they will be charged $10 per night.  This fee covers breakfast, lunch and dinner along with one night stay in the shelter (or with over capacity nights -  a mat on the floor).

 The Salvation Army Sarasota Area Command

 1400 10th Street Sarasota, Florida 34236

 Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 2792  Sarasota, Florida  34230

 Administration: (941) 364-8845   Fax: (941) 954-4645

 Center of Hope: 954 HOPE -- 954-4673


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