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Advisory Board

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     The Advisory Board is charged with the responsibility of advising and assisting The Salvation Army in all of its activities in a particular community.

The community may have a corps community center as the only Salvation Army facility, or it may have many corps community centers, a divisional headquarters, a rehabilitation center, or other centers of operation.

Where there is an association, a women's auxiliary or an advisory council in the community, the advisory board is considered the parent body, coordinating the activities of the other advisory organizations; and where representation on their rosters is required, the advisory board provides from its membership persons familiar with all Salvation Army activities in the community.

 1. Boys & Girls Club Committee (Council): Monitor Club programs and assist with development.Assist with budget development for Boys & Girls Club program, to include fundraising events - golf tournament, haunted house, Steak & Burger Dinner, etc.

2. Christmas Committee: Provide sponsorship for Angel Tree and Christmas Kettle Programs. Assist in locating Christmas Toy Shop location and volunteers for all areas of operation.

3. Finance Committee: The work of this committee is vital to the continuance of the Army's service to the needy. Planned budgeting requires an awareness of program and service needs relating to money requirements. The maintenance, improvement and expansion of facilities and services must be fully understood if a realistic budget is to be prepared

4. Homeless Shelter Program: Identify and monitor programs for the Merkle Center of Hope which includes recreational and educational programs and spiritual development.
Assist in acquiring needed items, such as linens, personal hygiene items, etc. on a continual basis.

5. New Development Committee: Pro-actively seek to identify and help implement programs to meet all areas of need now and in the future, including growth/expansion of existing programs.

6. Nominating Committee: Well-defined criteria relating to the office to be filled should the Nominating Committee in its selections. Mere availability is not sufficient. Qualities of leadership, group acceptance, special knowledge or skill, as well as time should be taken into account.

7. Program Committee: "Program" refers to all activities and services of the Army extended without discrimination as to race, color, creed, or national origin. All are expressions of its one compelling motivation which is, simply stated, the love of God and concern for the needs of humanity. This singleness of purpose effects a unity of programming that has characterized and given strength to the organization from its inception.
Problems and needs arising during the year should be investigated by the committee and the representative, and a report, with appropriate recommendations for action, made to the Advisory Board.

8. Property Committee: Since the work of the Army is largely building-centered, the acquisition and maintenance of appropriate buildings are essential to its service for mankind. The special expertise of property committee members can provide valuable guidance to the Advisory Board and Salvation Army staff in the procuring, constructing, remodeling or selling of buildings in which Army services are provided.
Proposals for the procurement of land and acquisition or enlargement of buildings should be studied thoroughly to determine need and suitability. This committee should make inspection of The Salvation Army service properties in the community and report to the Advisory Board at least once each year.

9. Public Relations and Development Committee: This committee can do much toward building a solid base upon which the Army can project service programs in the community. Public support derives not only from effective services to people, but also from community awareness of those services.
Timely reports on activities and services of interest should be disseminated through the various media. The encouragement of gifts by will, trust, or similar instrument is a vital part of the committee's function.
A well-designed education and cultivation program on a long-range basis is essential if persons of means are to see in the Army an effective instrument for perpetuating their good works.


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