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Guards and Scouts: The Life Saving Guards

The Life Saving Guards were inaugurated Mrs. General Booth on 17 November 1915 with the aim of providing enrichment for the body, mind and spirit of its members.
The uniform was grey and red; brigades were divided into patrols and were under the direction of a Guard Leader. Each girl worked to become a second class and then a first class guard. After this there was a further honor to be achieved - the General's tassel which was altered to the General's Guard Award (a medal) in 1954.

There were also a large number of badges which could be worked for such as First Aid, Athlete, Hostess etc and these were worn on the arm of the uniform.
Guard troops met weekly and often included camping in their programs.

In 1921 it was decided to start a junior branch of the Guards known as the Sunbeams with a yellow and grey uniform. Finally in 1959 the Guards and Sunbeams were affiliated with the Girl Guide Association becoming Guides and Brownies and losing their exclusively Salvation Army link.

The Boy Scout Movement
The Boy Scout Movement was started in 1907 by Baden Powell. William Booth was contacted by a letter from Baden Powell in 1910 asking him to be a member of the governing body of world scouting, but he refused. He saw the possibilities of scouting however and in 1913 the Life Saving Scout Movement was inaugurated in The Salvation Army followed by its junior group the Chum Brigade in 1917.
Like the Guards it had red and grey uniforms, patrols, badges, General's Awards, camping etc.
In 1948 the Salvation Army Life Saving Scouts were affiliated with the Boy Scout Association adopting their uniform, badge structure etc. although they kept certain distinct Army features and ideals.



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