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Sallie House Capital Campaign

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Emergency Shelter for Abused/Neglected/Abandoned Children to get New Home

The Salvation Army St. Petersburg Area Command broke ground on October 25, 2007 for a new, state-of-the-art emergency shelter for abused, neglected or abandoned children.  The new 11,000 square foot building will be a safe-haven for up to 24 children, a 33% increase in the current location's capacity. 

The ground breaking took place following The Salvation Army's third annual Justice for Children luncheon where campaign chairman, Steve Piazza introduced an initiative to raise $5 million to build the facility.  

As of June 11,2009, $2,668,507 has been raised, including early gifts from Advisory Board and Campaign Cabinet members.  A lead gift of $1,100,000 was donated by supporter, Bob Keelean.  The new Sallie House building will be named in memory of Bob's lovely wife Margaret. 

Mr. Piazza and his family became involved with Sallie House several years ago on Christmas Eve when his young son decided he wanted to give presents to needy children.  After an exhausted day of shopping for presents and searching for a location that would receive and distribute the gifts, the Piazzas were directed to Sallie House.  Since then, the Piazzas have been faithful supporters and volunteers for the program.

The Salvation Army's Sallie House is a safe haven for children, infant to eleven years of age, who have been removed from their home because of abuse, neglect or abandonment.  Sallie House was founded in 1990 when The Salvation Army was presented concerned community leaders realized that when a child needed to quickly be removed from the home, there was no immediate shelter to take them to while their future family life was determined.  The Salvation Army stepped up and took action.  A one-story apartment building was renovated, furnishings were acquired, professional staff and caring volunteers were recruited. 

The new Sallie House, which will result in a 33% increase in the capacity to care for children, a significant improvement in operational efficiency, and a facility designed to dramatically enhance the working environment for staff, the living environment for children, and the overall quality of care delivered at Sallie House.

Sallie House has been recognized nationwide for its innovative program.  In 2006, The Salvation Army National Social Services Conference presented the St. Petersburg Area Command with the National Social Services Award for Excellence for its Sallie House emergency children's shelter program.


Layout of New Sallie House

Campaign Cabinet Members

Frequently Asked Questions

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 The New Sallie House Will Serve More Children, and Serve Them More Capably & Efficiently. 

"Operation Safe Haven" is a solidly researched, well-organized effort to raise the funds needed to elevate the ability of Sallie House to serve.  The tangible outcome of a successful effort will be a new Sallie House, which will result in a 33% increase in the capacity to care for children, a significant improvement in operational efficiency, and a facility designed to dramatically enhance the working environment for staff, the living environment for children, and the overall quality of care delivered at Sallie House.  Currently, Sallie House can only take care of 18 children.  The new facility will be able to provide a home for 24 children.

With more than 11,000 square feet of bright, happy space, the larger Sallie House accomplishes two goals.  The first is to increase capacity for children in need of emergency care.  There is a critical shortage of facilities like Sallie House in our community, in fact, there is no other.  Increasing our capacity to 24 will help address this issue.  (click here for layout)

The second goal is to increase the efficiency in operations, thereby increasing our effectiveness.  The State of Florida's guidelines require a ratio staff to children of 1:4 for children less than six years of age and 1:6 for children age six and older.  The current 18 bed Sallie House separates the children in two groups of nine causing less efficient staffing patterns.  The new Sallie House will be able to house three groups of eight children in each wing.  This floor plan allows for a built-in ‘economy of scale' in assigning staff creating a more efficient operating budget while working in smaller groups.

A Worthy Program Deserving of Support

The child welfare community has praised - and depended on - Sallie House for more than 17 years.  The reputation of Sallie House locally as well as nationally is stellar.  Other, more objective measurements support how vital this operation is to the community. 

Sallie House meets the highest standards for its programming.  Reputation being difficult to document, accreditation does the next best job in showing quality and effectiveness in Sallie House's programming.  Sallie House recently completed a two-year site review conducted by CARF, the Council on Accreditation for Rehabilitative Facilities.  The rigorous and comprehensive accreditation process covers a range of standards, including Business Practices, Behavioral Health Leadership and Management, and General Program Standards.  The end result:  Accreditation was awarded completely, without provision, in December of 2004 through November of 2007, the longest period of time accreditation can be awarded.   The lead reviewer for CARF commented upon completing her review that it was "the best first-time review" she had ever conducted.

How To Support The Campaign

The success of the new Sallie House will depend upon the gifts of leadership and financial support given by the community.  The Campaign is actively soliciting your involvement and financial investment.  Designated donations for "Sallie House Operation Safe Haven" can be sent to: 

The Salvation Army St. Petersburg Area Command

340 14th Ave. S.

St. Petersburg, FL  33701


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