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Children's Village

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Children's Village is designed for children in foster care, with special emphasis on keeping brothers and sisters together. 

These children have been removed from their families and can not be reunited because the risk of abuse or neglect is too great, or because there is no family with whom to reunify.  Adoption planning has not been successful for them and many have been in multiple foster care placements.   Some of the children placed in the Village are members of sibling groups who would likely be separated if placed elsewhere. 

Each child needs a stable place to call "home."  Children's Village is a neighborhood of four single family homes with areas for play and recreation. The length of stay is expected to be until the children reach adulthood.  Children can leave sooner if an opportunity for reunification or adoption becomes available.  A respite companion is provided to each home, giving the parents time to themselves, while the children will be familiar and comfortable with the companion while the parents are away.

The Village provides foster children with a stable family environment.  Children can learn to count on family, friends, school, church and community.

  • The four homes provide twenty-four children (six per home), from infants to age nineteen a family style environment. The children know that the Village will be there for them throughout their childhood or until a suitable family adopts them.
  • Children's Village parents are nationally recruited and are extensively trained. We seek a commitment from these parents to raise the children until they are grown in the same loving manner they would raise their own.
  • Program staff provides full support to parents and coordinate any special needs of the children.  The staff includes a case manager, recreation specialist and therapist. 

Every child needs a family...

Every community needs

its children.




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