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Children's Services

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Family Specialist Services is an in-home child focused family counseling program that works as part of a community based team of service providers in Pinellas County to work with family to prevent child abuse and neglect.  Family Specialists, who are  experienced and professional counselors, are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to intervene in emergencies.  Family Specialists usually visit families in their homes one to three times a week as based on the risk level and family need.

Sallie House is designed to be a safe haven for children ages birth to eleven years who have been removed from their home because of abuse, neglect, abandonment or any situation that causes the home to be unsafe for the child.  Children may stay at Sallie House from one night to one year depending on whether they can be reunified with their parents, placed with relatives, placed in a foster home or adopted by a loving family.  The dedicated staff at Sallie House is ready 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide the comfort and care these children so desperately need and deserve with the goal of providing an atmosphere that is as normal as possible until arrangements for each child's long-term care can be made.  

Children's Village is designed to provide stable, long-term placement for large, hard-to-place sibling groups who have been removed from their families and not reunited because the risk of neglect or abuse is too great.  In addition, adoption planning has been unsuccessful and remains unlikely.  Each home in Children's Village serves six children ranging in age from birth to 18  years.  The Salvation Army's Children's Village provides a home, a neighborhood and a community theses youngsters can call their own-with the security of knowing they can live in the Village throughout their childhood.


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