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Meat Needed for Less Fortunate

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Released 27 June 2012

June, 2012 - The Salvation Army of Martin County assists hundreds of needy families through its Emergency Food Assistance program and the numbers are on the rise and expected to continue to grow. As needs and costs steadily increase, the Salvation Army is concerned about effectively meeting the needs of Martin County residents. 

The Army is asking the community to help put food on their neighbors' tables by the immediate and continued support of monetary and canned meat donations for their Food Pantry, Booth's Café (community feeding program) and Compassion House (Women & Women with Children's shelter.) "Sources which we have utilized in the past for purchasing inexpensive or even receiving free canned meats are having difficulties meeting our demand, and meats that were received during Annual Holiday food drives have been depleted" states Lieutenant Scott Hoover, Corps Officer and Pastor for the Martin County Salvation Army. "As our donor population declines in the summer months, it can create real challenges for non-profits and churches in Stuart."

Lt. Hoover continues, "Canned meats, a staple and excellent source of protein for hungry families and individuals, are almost non-existent in our food pantry right now and with the Compassion House fully operational, we are truly feeling the shortage. We are hoping and praying that concerned members of our community will realize this shortage and donate these desperately needed items."

Items needed to restock the shelves are:

  • Canned chicken
  • Canned tuna
  • Canned ham
  • Canned spam

Donations of non-perishable canned meats can be delivered to 821 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Stuart, directly across from the Stuart police station.  For more information call 772-288-1471.

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