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Community Worship Centers

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The Salvation Army of Hillsborough County has two sites for weekly worship, including:


Majors Brian & Loretta Gilliam

Community Worship Center 

1100 W. Sligh Ave.

Tampa, FL 33604

Phone: 813-549-5285

Lieutenants Alvaro & Maria Chils

Riverview Area Corps  

7409 Highway 301, Suite 200

Riverview, FL 33569

Phone: 813-672-8139

We welcome you to worship with us.   Please browse through our website and share with us your burdens so that we may lift you up in prayer. 

About The Salvation Army Church

The Salvation Army was founded as an evangelical organization dedicated to bringing people into a meaningful relationship with God through Christ. Its doctrinal basis is that of the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition. It is composed of persons who are united by the love of God and man, and who share the common purpose of the organization - to motivate all people to embrace the salvation provided to them in Christ.

The word "army" indicates that the organization is a fighting force, constantly at war with the powers of evil. Battles are effectively waged through an integrated ministry that gives attention to both body and spirit. It is a total ministry for the total person. The Army cooperates with churches of all denominations to meet the needs of the community.

Those who have drifted away from God and those estranged from their own religious affiliations are often attracted to The Salvation Army. They are first urged to seek Christ for pardon and deliverance from sin. Then they are encouraged to return to active memberships in their own churches or to enroll as soldiers in a corps community center. Young people often are attracted through local music groups, youth camps, and recreational centers

Weekly Programs

The Community Worship Center offers a variety of weekly programs that help youths develop self-esteem and life skills.

Our vision is to provide children from low-income homes with computer access to teach them computer literacy and assist them with school projects and homework. Because these children do not have computer or internet access in their homes, a new computer lab would encourage their educational growth, enhance our ability to teach those learning English as a second language and support our ability to provide a nurturing environment to aid in educational and self-esteem development. 

For more information about the Tampa Community Worship Center, please contact Kathy Tedford at 813-549-5285 x 411 or

For more information about the Riverview Worship Center, please contact Lt. Alvaro Chils at 813-672-8139 or


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