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Salvation Army Social Services

The latest Census data tells us that there are more than 9,500 homeless men, women and children living in Hillsborough County alone. Sadly, the fastest growing segment of the homeless population is children!

The Salvation Army's social services encompass a wide range of programs to help individuals and families overcome daunting obstacles. The Salvation Army's grand design in social work has always been one of empowerment, enabling those in need to change their life's circumstances and overcome challenges that stand in their way. Services include emergency assistance, self-sufficiency programming, counseling, referral services and much more.

Transitional Housing Programs
On a wintry night in 1887, Salvation Army Founder William Booth discovered homeless men and women living on a bridge in London. Immediately, he ordered that something be done to help them. The Salvation Army has been responding to that call ever since.

Emergency Shelter
In Tampa, homeless men and women can find shelter and support at our Red Shield Lodge Emergency Shelter 365 days a year.

Family Services
For most of us, our families serve as our primary source of support, values and unconditional love. At The Salvation Army, we help struggling families conquer challenges by helping them meet basic needs.

Feeding the Hungry
You may be surprised to learn that more than 50,000 people in Hillsborough County live in households of extreme poverty and chronic hunger. The sad reality is that many of our neighbors must choose between paying for food and other necessities such as shelter or medical care. As a result, nutritious meals are often sacrificed.

Adult Rehabilitation Center
Healing the whole person is the goal of the Army's substance abuse programs. The Salvation Army addresses the pain and suffering of all who are caught in this cycle of dependency through intensive programming including detoxification, in-patient and out-patient treatment programs, and long-term chemical dependency counseling. These services offer hope and freedom from a life of chemical abuse and dependency.


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