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What if prayers went unanswered?  What if no one met the needy at their most critical time of need?  What if no one covered the wounds caused by disaster with the balm of recovery?  What if no one helped children and adults build strong Christian foundations?

In 1865, William and Catherine Booth founded The Salvation Army in London, England.  The two began traveling across the English countryside conducting revival meetings, and William was invited to to hold a series of evangelistic meetings in the East End of London.  It is likely that as he was speaking to this down trodden congregation he did not realize that what was to follow was an army.  However, he his vision to reach out at help the poor was as militant as that of any solider.  Thirteen years later, that fervor attracted a band of volunteers that was soon to become an army - The Salvation Army.  Today, all these years later, The Salvation Army can be found worldwide.

We respond to natural and man made disasters by providing food, clothing, shelter and comfort, staying until we are no longer needed - first ones in, last ones out.  We strive to center the holidays of those we serve around the counting of their blessings, not their hardships.  Our mission is to lift up those in need spiritually and emotionally.  At, The Salvation Army "Expect Change"


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