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Emergency Disaster Services

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Watch video of Captain Tracey Czajkowski talking first hand about her favorite memory during disaster relief last summer.



Our Emergency Disaster Services team provides rescue operations and response to tragedies such as fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and other incidents on both the local and national level. We rely on donor contributions to maintain our diaster relief on both the local and national level.  



Simply put, EDS is on the front line when disaster strikes. With international resources, EDS deploys mobile canteens, rescue and response personnel, emergency equipment and supplies to victims and areas of disaster.

  • Efficiently coordinate teams and deploy resoponse units
  • Estabish bases to assist in feeding and personal support
  • Create safe havens for disaster victims
  • Provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support
  • Activate our Emergeny Radio Network to provide information concerning the health and welfare of affected residents to anxious family members and loved ones.


HOW CAN I HELP?              

Not only do we speed to the front line, The Salvation Army spearheads the call for individual and corporate donations and volunteers-as well as the coordination and management of their reponses. We also assist with immediate need and help in aftermath clean up efforts.

For the most part, EDS is staffed by rescue and response specialist. There are times however when the scope of disaster is beyond the means of our resources. In these cases we will cal upon our registered volunteers for assistance. If you'd like to become a registered volunteer, contact us at (254) 756-7271.

The best way to help in case of disaster is through monetary donations.



We're happy to answer any questions you have regarding Emergency Disaster Services.  Simply refer to the contact information on this page.


For additional information regarding our Emergency Diaster Services contact

Captain Russell Czajkowski

Commanding Officer

(254) 756-7271



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