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Legends of the Army

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"Legends of the Army " leave more than a legacy, they touch hearts and minds in the community they help. Legends are selfless individuals impacting today 's community through their generosity and compassion. Donations of a thousand dollars and above qualify the donor as a Legend of the Army. Please join us in our mission to do the most good. 



A Legendary Year

A yearly event recognizing kindness and showcasing community impact of the Legends of the Army.

Legends Plaque

A publicly displayed commemorative plaque is created yearly to memorialize the past years Legends of the Army.

Accountability Newsletters

Your generosity is doing the most good... and we'll prove it. We provide an accountability newsletter for our Legends of the Army.

No Additional Solicitation

As a Legend of the Army, we recognize the demands on your time and resources. We pledge that you'll receive no additional solicitations from the Army aside from your yearly Legends renewal.

Tax Deductible

Generosity is tax deductible. Your gift will leave a legacy in this community and provide deductions at tax time.

Cumulative Giving Levels

Legends of the Army giving levels range from Captain to General. Your generosity is cumulative from year to year so your level will always increase.

Volunteer Opportunities

Legends are presented opportunities to interact with the community they 're effecting. Additional volunteer opportunities are a satisfying way to see first hand the impact your causing.

For more information regarding Legends of the Army please contact

Captain Russell Czajkowski

Commanding Officer

(254 ) 756-7271

1225 S. Jack Kultgen Exprwy. Waco, Texas 76706



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