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Mail Appeals & Requests

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♥    I N V E S T     I N      F U T U R E S   


They come from humble beginnings. But even in the face of poverty, thousands of children across the country still hope for a better life. Which is why The Salvation Army's youth programs offer physical, mental, and spiritual enrichment they need to break free.

All thanks to your donations.

Thank you for allowing us to be your hands of service.

The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County offers many ways that you can contribute to help your neighbors when struggling to make ends meet.

Many of our donors choose to receive monthly mail appeals. Below are samples of those appeals - describing the many different programs and services provided on a daily basis each year.

If you would like to receive monthly or limited mail appeals please call Linda Gunter or Tara Bennett at 561-686-3530.

You may also view local Newsletters to read about whats happening locally. Go to our View and Print page and choose local newsletters under the MORE tab on the right hand side.



January - Annual Renewal:

Christmas has ended - but the urgent requests for help from needy people continue to pour in.

I'm praying that you can renew your support. The compassion you have shown has done no less than help change lives right here in your own backyard.

Your support, allows us to continue to, ♦offer food/clothing to families who face financial strain ♦Respond w/emergency assistance when a disaster devastates a local family ♦Provide programs that give hope & faith to disadvantaged kids, homeless, elderly, and anyone in our community who needs help right away.

Our work in Palm Beach County lasts all year long.


February - Friends of The Army:

Many people have told me they simply get too much mail from the charities they support.

Do you ever feel this way? If so, Friends of The Army is for you!

Friends of The Army is a unique service to our donors that enables you to be in charge of your charitable giving.

Just tell us how much and how often you can support The Salvation Army, and we'll honor your wishes and preferences.






March - Food Pantry:

We have an urgent need - and we need your help.

Requests for grocery store vouchers and food from our pantry have increased at an alarming rate over the past few months. Many people have been coming to us for help.Our supplies are running out and we need to replenish them quickly.

Everyone who comes to our doors has a story. Some of them more tragic than others. But all have one thing in common - the basic need for food.

We need your help to restock our shelves needs of those who need a little extra support right now. Your gift today will mean so much. Please send whatever you can, today.



April - Community Service:

Imagine a man with a wife & 3 children. He loves them all very much and would do anything he could to provide for them. But recently, he was laid off from work, and he's struggling to find another job.

The only job available is part-time work without benefits. But that's not enough to put food on the table, pay the rent and overdue utility bills, or buy much-needed clothes for his kids.

At The Salvation Army we hear stories like this daily. The details vary, but the situation is the same, they NEED help.

We need the continued support of committed donors like you. Your support helps ensure each desperate family who comes to our door receives the assistance they need today and the hope they need for tomorrow.



May - Food Pantry & Summer Camp:

FOOD PANTRY: What will I do if there's not enough food left to give to a hungry family? I don't want to look them in the eyes and tell them, "Sorry, we just can't help you today!" At The Salvation Army, we never want to say no to people in need. It's just not an option.

But that is the terrible situation we are facing right now. Our finances just can't keep up with the demand for help.

Your financial support is critical. We can't abandon people in distress. We need your greatest gift today!

SUMMER CAMP: What a great way for kids to meet new friends and learn new skills.

For years, kids have been coming to The Salvation Army Camp to spend time in the great outdoors enjoying campfires, swimming, hiking, and making arts and crafts.

On behalf of the kids, we say Thank you, for your support and generosity!

The Salvation Army holds summer day camp at three local locations.


June - Spring Newsletter:

Our local newsletter provides news and inspiration about lives you and The Salvation Army are changing together.

Lanorris' Steady Focus on the Future:  Lanorris Lester has lived with sickle cell disease all his young life. The painful condition prevented him from playing sports as a kid. After a while, he began to look for another outlet to occupy his time. Through a local church group, he started coming to The Salvation Army Northwest Community Center every day after school.

"There Is Nothing Positive About the Streets": Todd Eutsey was the typical teenager, trying to find his own identity while listening to his parents and keeping his grades up. Life seemed to be going great ... until family troubles forced him out onto the streets.

While doing his best to survive, this 19-year-old - amazingly - continued going to school. Todd's teachers contacted Hector Ramirez, lead case manager at The Salvation Army Center of Hope, our refuge for homeless men in Palm Beach County.

Read these full stories by clicking HERE or visit the View/Print page on this website.



July - Summer Slump:

At this point in our fiscal year, our budget is stretched to its limit - which brings us to a critical juncture. Without the generosity and support of friends like you right now, we may not be able to continue to do everything we can for those who come to us for assistance.

Can you imagine having to say to them, "We're sorry, but we just can't help you"?

We never want to do that! That's why we send this emergency request. Your quick reply at this time will allow us to continue to help the less fortunate.


August - Fiscal Year End:

As we approach our fiscal year end, we thank God - and YOU - that we've been able to meet the needs of Palm Beach County's poor families.

Any increase in need can impact our funding. And when that happens, any or all of our life-saving programs are affected and our friends and neighbors, who rely on us and have nowhere else to turn, will suffer greatly.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of others.



September - Homeless Appeal:

You can show compassion today. Your gift not only gives food and shelter to a homeless man who's suffering - it creates a whole new life for him. It creates strong bonds with people at The Salvation Army who care. Renewed hope. Renewed skills for finding and keeping a job. An unshakable foundation in Christ. Happiness where there was pain. Confidence in the future where there was dread.

It may be hard to believe that a life can be transformed like this - but it can. When all seems lost, homeless men come to The Salvation Army. That's when your gift matters most.


October - Thanksgiving:

While most of us are making plans to share the season's blessings with friends, relatives, and loved ones, the poor, the homeless, and other of our less fortunate neighbors will find few reasons to feel thankful.

That's why The Salvation Army is asking for your help.

With your generous contribution, The Salvation Army will feed the poor ... the homeless ... the unemployed ... the elderly ... and so many others who have run out of luck.




November - Christmas:

You are part of our Salvation Army family, and I hope you know how much we appreciate your generous support for needy people in Palm Beach County, especially at this joyous time of year.

Christmas is a special time at The Salvation Army. Through your generosity, we touch the lives of the needy, including families struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

Because of you, they will celebrate the season with a Christmas dinner and toys for their children.


December - Year End:

For just a few moments, I'd like to put aside this busy time of year and ask ...

How can I be praying for you?

After all, you've been an incredible answer to prayer for countless individuals and families throughout our area. Perhaps more than you know.

Your faithful and ongoing support of The Salvation Army has blessed so many people just like these. So with gratitude for your compassion, I want to know what I can do for you.


If you would like to become a mail appeal donor please contact Linda Gunter at 561-686-3530 x26270.

You can choose to become a monthly, semi-monthly or annual appeal donor OR choose the programs/services you'd like to support.

To Make A General Donation Or To Donate To One Of These Appeals Please Click The Donate Now Button, Call 1-800-Sal-Army, or mail your donation to an office near you. Click HERE for a location in Palm Beach County.



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